Trailer – First Pokémon Movie’s First Japanese Trailer

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So, I found a video that I haven’t seen before until now. Apparently, it’s the first Japanese trailer of the movie. And NONE of this footage made it in to the final product.

And this is the part where the PokéShippers cry.

I’m not into shipping, but imagine if this ending really happened! Oh my god. The series could have ended with such a poignant, conclusive ending! They had a good idea and they threw it out in favor of continuing a series that ended up being shamelessly repetitive over time and made a relatively likable protagonist into a total dumbass!

But to sum up my feelings about this movie, I had a very soft spot for the first season of the Pokémon anime, which I felt that the later seasons failed to match the charm and wonder of. Not even close. It’s the same feeling I got from playing the older Pokémon games, including Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow versions, Pokémon Snap, and Pokémon Stadium.

This might be a bit hard to buy and I don’t know if other old-school fans had this feeling, but Pokémon felt like it originally had this rustic, laidback innocence to it. For me, at least. From the art design of the characters to the picturesque landscapes that felt like part of a humble fairy tale. It’s a weird feeling, and I never had this feeling with anything else I read, watched, or played. It’s… pretty surreal and dreamlike. I dunno. I was a pretty naive child back then.

The movie didn’t quite live up to my expectations either. It took a different direction from what I originally thought it would. I was okay with it as a kid, but looking back this movie really isn’t that good. Not only is the plot very meh, but it didn’t match the tone of the series.

I didn’t mind dark and edgy settings, as I did grow up with Batman: The Animated Series too, but this movie was weird in places. I wanted to see Mewtwo as this cool badass of a villain who is both menacing and calculating, waiting to bring the world into ruin; instead, I got a villain with a nonsensical, emo-ish motive who takes down nearly every opponent with a psychic bitchslap.

I wanted to see Ash make a difference by overcoming adversity and using his wits to take down the strongest Pokémon in the world; instead, I got an idiot protagonist who constantly jumps into danger, defenseless, and ends up turning into stone for it.

I wanted to see Team Rocket show some major competence for a motion picture, proving that they can indeed be a threat; instead, Team Rocket got shoved to the side for comedic relief and convenient exposition portals.

I wanted to see the main characters learn and grow from the experience, leading to an ending where our characters are finally living their dreams and we can look back on this series as it went off on a high note; instead, we got a deus ex machina ending where no one learned a damn thing and the events of the movie will be barely referenced in the future.

*sighs* Come to think of it, this movie was a bigger letdown for me than I thought. The sad part was that I convinced myself that I liked it before, even with that weird Pikachu short, trying to find no flaws with it whatsoever. I was one of those kids who never looked for anything to complain about in a movie and just say I enjoyed it.

“I’m not the storyteller. I’ll love it as it is.”

To think I used to have that mindset as an impressionable child. I find it really sad, now that I think about it.

…And here I am, hoping my constructive criticism would touch base with some people. Yes, I made many stupid jokes and sarcastic remarks throughout my reviews. Stuff like this though? I genuinely wanted to see them improve. Putting effort into writing good stories may seem superficial to some people, but it’s these kind of good stories (both fictional and non-fictional) that I felt that makes life worth living. Life itself is like a story, and to be unsatisfied with it is like living a bad story in itself.

And hopefully, that makes more sense to you. I’m in a weird, kinda existential mood while writing this, so I understand if you’re not getting the same vibes as I am. And trust me, I find it more surreal that I got them from Pokémon of all things. But don’t worry. I’m still going to be a real snark in my reviews.

But when I get serious about a topic, you’ll know it. Just FYI.

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