Pokémon 3 The Movie

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Pokemon 3 The Movie movie poster

A fan favorite and widely considered to be one of the best objectively written movie in the Pokémon anime. Does Orion agree with this?

Director Kunihiko Yuyama
Studio OLM, Inc.
Release year 2000
Movie number 3
Purchase DVD Purchase from Amazon.

…Gotta love those EDGY movie titles, huh?

So by this point, Pokémon Gold and Silver versions were out. The first Johto season for the anime was out. And then, this movie was out.

Frankly, it was an exciting time to be a Pokémon fan. There was so much more to look forward to!

But for whatever reason, this movie wasn’t hyped up as much. Anyone ever took a look at the soundtrack of the first movie? Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, NSYNC. Yes, seriously. There were so many famous pop stars endorsing that movie back then, it was surreal.

But not this one. Nope. This movie’s soundtrack was mainly recycled pop songs featured on the Pokémon anime series.

Oh, and speaking of which, the first movie’s soundtrack? It had little to nothing to do with the movie itself and about half of the songs were never even used! So if you got it at some point, might I say congratulations? The music industry fooled you into purchasing something with the Pokémon label but had very little to do with it! Whoo!

Hype. What a terrible demon.

So without the same amount of hype as the previous movies, could this entry be any good? Well, let’s find out.


Fear of the Unown

We start off with a picturesque scene of a moonlit mansion.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Greenfield

Inside the mansion, a man (named Professor Spencer Hale) is reading a story to his little daughter (Molly)  where we learn that he is searching for the elusive Pokémon called Unown.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Unown storybook

On the next page, they look at a picture of a maiden riding the legendary Pokémon Entei.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Storybook Entei
Kickass. I want one!

The two continue discussing Entei and Molly compares her dad to Entei. They share a brief moment of playtime, until an email shows up on Professor Hale’s computer. Molly immediately expresses her disappointment, knowing it’s something to do with her father’s work.

What appears to be a precursor Skype video shows a man named Schuyler, telling Professor Hale that he discovered a hidden chamber connected to the Unown. The professor knows he must prepare to leave and says goodbye to his daughter.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale with parents
And we all know this could only end in tragedy.

In the next scene, Professor Hale arrives at a desert where he explores the Unown chamber with Schuyler. The professor picks up an Unown scrabble tile off the floor, which summons a creepy CGI puppet…

Pokemon 3 The Movie Professor Hale and Unown
PEEKABOO! I see you…

The Unown vanishes and Professor Hale discovers a whole chest full of scrabble tiles. He opens it, which summons several more Unown. The professor gets sucked into the chest like a damn genie and is thrown into the Nightmare Fuel Dimension of Singing CGI Unown.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Professor Hale and Unown

………………..Moving on.

Schuyler realizes what happened and calls out for Professor Hale to no avail.

The next morning, Molly runs downstairs in hopes that her father arrives back home. Molly walks in to Schuyler and the family butler discussing Professor Hale’s disappearance, noting that Molly has no one else in the world now…

…Whoa. So her mother in that picture… is gone too? That is pretty dark, especially for a little girl living in a big, empty mansion.

The adults break the bad news to her. The following night, Molly searches through Professor Hale’s laptop in hopes that she can find clues behind her father’s disappearance. She accidentally spills a chest of… the Unown scrabble letters…

*sighs* Schuyler, maybe you shouldn’t be keeping ancient artifacts within the reach of a small girl and accidentally unleash an unspeakable horror on the world.

Molly uses the tiles to spell out “PAPA” and “MAMA,” trying to imagine her parents being with her again. She breaks down, which sets off the Unown tiles. Oh dear, oh dear…

This, of course, sets the Unown free from the desert chamber and they vanish into a portal that transports them directly to the mansion.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Unown
Alphademic! Blaaaaaaaargh!

Okay, I swear. That’s the last time I’ll be using that stupid joke.

So now we have an unsettling little scene where the Unown encase the entire mansion in crystal. And this doesn’t bother Molly at all. In fact, she’s enchanted by it!

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale and Unown
Come play with us, Molly… forever and ever and ever…

Molly picks up her storybook she pleads for her father to return as she stares at the picture of Entei. The Unown work their magic and summon an Entei before her.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale and Entei
Quick! Break out the Haunter before it gets away!

The Entei questions Molly if she is the one who summoned him, but Molly believes him to be her father in Entei form. While this sentiment confuses Entei, he is willing to play along.

Entei: If that is what you wish.

The people in the mansion end up evacuating, staring in horror as the last of the crystal blockades the whole building.

Then, our subtitle: Spell of the Unown.


Greenfield This, Greenfield That

So our heroes walk into “unknown territory” (get it, because there are Unown in this picture! SO FUCKING FUNNY!) and come across a trainer named Lisa… voiced by Lisa Ortiz. Har har.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Lisa and Aipom
With a bandana that slightly resembles May’s… Huh.

Lisa challenges Ash to a Pokémon battle and they duke it out. While a pop cover of Pokémon Johto plays, we actually see surprisingly good animation for the whole battle. You know how in a lot of action anime, such as Dragon Ball Z, there are “speed stripes” that indicate a character moving at a high speed? The Pokémon anime is also infamous for this, as this is a cheap way to save on the animation budget. But in this one battle, they don’t use the speed stripes at all. The opponents of both sides move in real time and use the environment to their advantage, planning their moves and such.

And this is the kind of thing that makes me want to see a Pokémon action RPG. SERIOUSLY! WHY DO WE NOT HAVE ONE YET?! SOMEONE, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And this part of the battle confuses me.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Quagsire
Pikachu’s god bolts DIDN’T work?!

And yeah, this is technically correct by the video games. Quagsire is a water/ground Pokémon and electricity normally doesn’t work on ground.

So wait, how come Pikachu’s electric attacks worked on other ground types before? Remember that Golem that Pikachu fell in the first movie and coincidentally during the opening theme sequence? Why was it possible then?

…Ah, because of writer’s copout in an attempt to make the protagonist seem special. Okay.

So everyone has lunch together as Lisa compliments Ash’s battle ability. Misty asks about where the nearest Pokémon Center and Lisa brings up a place called Greenfield, which is apparently a famous place.

Misty: Greenfield’s supposed to be a beautiful little town, with beautiful gardens, and a beautiful mountain with a beautiful mansion at the top.
Lisa: Yeah! Everything in Greenfield is beautiful.
Brock: Everything’s beautiful in Greenfield, huh?


Pokemon 3 The Movie Ash Ketchum and Pervy Brock
Huh huh! I just remembered this one dirty joke!

So the gang checks out to see what is over the hill, until…

Pokemon 3 The Movie crystal castle
Oh my god! It’s the giant flower crystal penis cannons from Pokémon X and Y! FLEE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!

Pokemon 3 The Movie Team Rocket
Also… Hai, Team Rocket.

So our heroes witness some of the flowers actually turning into crystal and see a news van roll up to the area.

Meanwhile, in Pallet Town, Delia Ketchum watches the news and hears of the disappearance of Professor Spencer Hale. She uncovers some photographs from years ago.

Pokemon 3 The Movie picture of Professor Oak, Ash Ketchum, Delia Ketchum, Professor Hale, Molly Hale, and Mrs Hale Pokemon 3 The Movie picture of Professor Oak, teenage Delia Ketchum, and teenage Spencer Hale
Still NO photos of Ash’s father?! Or wait, what if Spencer’s—GASP!

…Naw, that can’t be it.

Meanwhile in the Pallet Town Pokémon Lab, Professor Oak and Tracey Sketchit are also watching the news. A bit of exposition reveals that Spencer Hale was one of Professor Oak’s best students and the two look at some research data with… embarrassingly bad English.

Pokemon 3 The Movie engrish email
“An UNKNOWN had very timid and careful character, UNKNOWN not want to go out to the external world.”

Delia Ketchum runs into the lab to confront Professor Oak about Professor Hale’s disappearance, and the two decide to go to Greenfield to investigate.

…Wow. The movie actually gives them a legit reason to appear this time, unlike the previous movie. I’m serious. Spencer Hale is a good friend of both of these characters and they are worried about his safety, so… I’m okay with it.


Hehe… shuuuut up.

Our heroes wait at the Greenfield Pokémon Center until Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum arrive in the scene.

Delia: Hello, Pikachu!
Ash: ..And mom?
Delia: Oh hi, honey.

Pft, hahahahaha! What the hell, mom! You gave Pikachu the excited hello, but you gave your own son the bored “oh hi” treatment? Whatever happened to that “every day, you’re my hero” speech in the last movie?

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale and Entei

Inside the mansion, Molly and Entei watch the news report, seeing an older Ash and Delia side by side of the old photo of her family and Ash’s together. Molly asks Entei for a mother, which Entei promises to bring her.

Ash’s mother discusses how she knew Spencer Hale, referring to the old photo she has.

Delia: First, Spencer’s wife disappeared… and all this happens…

Disappeared, huh? Hmmmm…

Pikachu senses that something is wrong as he detects a hostile presence headed their way.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei
A wild ENTEI appears!

Delia: What are you doing here?!
Entei: I have come… for you. You. Are. Mama!

Pokemon 3 The Movie Brainwashed Delia Ketchum
I obey, Master. Do whatever you want to me.

So Entei hypnotizes Delia into thinking she is Molly’s mother and he steals her away.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei and Pikachu

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei
FUCK! It got away…

Ash attempts to keep up but Entei succeeds in escaping.

Brock: *pulls Ash away* Ash, wait! You don’t know what’s out there!
Ash: *kneels down* She’s gone! I couldn’t save her! *slams fist onto the ground*

…Okay, let’s make a comparison here.

1st Movie: Ash gets invited to an island to be challenged by Mewtwo.
2nd Movie: Ash is part of a prophecy to save the world from destruction.
3rd Movie: Ash loses his mother to a lonely little girl and her illusion beast father and Ash has to go save her.

…Uh. I’m shocked. The movie’s conflict is actually personal this time, which is good! No vague conquests or stupid “chosen one” plots! The main character loses someone dear to him and it’s up to him to get her back! That is actually a relatable situation.

For the previous movies, I pick apart any flaw I can find, but I’m not finding nearly as many here! Can it be, that we have the perfect Pokémon anime plot?


Delia wakes up alongside Molly and the two share an intimate moment together.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale and Delia Ketchum

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale, Delia Ketchum and Entei
…I have nothing funny to say here. I’m just… shocked.

Molly: Thank you, papa. Can we all stay here forever?
Entei: If that is what you wish.

Okay, I have to digress a bit.

So this time, the plot focuses on the personal problems of a lonely girl who wants nothing more than to be with her parents. Though it is unknown what happened to her mother, her father is the only close relative she has left. And in Professor Hale’s quest to discover the Unown and having to leave his daughter behind, it ends up being his own undoing. So Molly has lost both of her parents and has to deal with the grief of never seeing them again.

That is a very relatable problem for the common, everyday child. Even some adults can’t bear seeing their parents leave. So, we can actually sympathize with the villain in this movie.

And yes, Molly is one of the main antagonists of the movie, as well as Entei and the Unown. A sweet, innocent, little girl… a main antagonist. That is so unheard of.

AHEM, anyways…


Crystal Castle

More of Greenfield gets covered in crystal as Molly and Entei look on. Entei assures to Molly that his own happiness is making his child happy, which is pretty sweet of him.

Our heroes alongside Professor Oak try to investigate more about Entei and the Unown. And far away…

Pokemon 3 The Movie Charizard

Yep. I have to admit, I didn’t like the episode called Charizard’s Burning Ambitions and I thought the whole premise of it was bullcrap, even as a kid, because Ash had to part with one of the show’s most popular characters, Charizard. And his appearance in this movie is more than welcome.

…Sorry, fanboyisms. Why are you giving me such a weird look?

So Charizard catches the news about Greenfield, seeing Ash in the footage. And he knows what he must do…

During nightfall, someone attempts to break into the mansion using a bulldozer. The plan seems to work but Molly notices this and demands that they leave her alone. In a different part of the mansion, the Unown fulfill her wish by summoning more crystals and repelling the bulldozer, even covering the bulldozer in crystal.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Bulldozer
It’s a good thing the driver got out just in time…

Ash and the group figure out that the Unown must be behind Professor Hale’s disappearance. Like, no shit, right? But they receive a most peculiar email.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale Video Chat

Molly: Mama and papa and me just want to stay by ourselves forever, so stay away! Everybody, leave us alone!

…How did she know who to send that video to?

But Ash refuses to back down and he is ready to storm the castle. Misty and Brock follow suit, but they also get a surprise helper.

Pokemon 3 The Movie PokeGear

Lisa gives her PokéGear to Ash in order to stay in contact with the Greenfield Pokémon Center, which is actually a pretty smart move.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Ash Ketchum, Misty and Brock
And this is pretty damn cool.

Our heroes silently approach the mansion as Team Rocket stalk them from their Meowth balloon. You know, it would sure be useful to have that balloon and approach the mansion from above.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei and the Moon
Or wait… shit…

Entei shoots the balloon down and Team Rocket ends up getting trapped in the depths of the crystal mansion.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Team Rocket Pokemon 3 The Movie Team Rocket
Oh wow, that would’ve killed them for sure.

Molly, Entei, and Delia watch the news together as they witness Ash climbing up a waterfall in an attempt to enter the mansion. Man, I find it hilarious that the news media is unintentionally give the antagonists the advantage.

Molly: I don’t understand, mama. Why is that boy trying to get in our house?

Molly… I know you’re a little kid and all, but did you not recognize this kid or the lady next to you as your father’s acquaintances? You have the photo next to you! I think you took something from from him!

Delia recognizes the boy in the footage and snaps out of her hypnosis when he shows himself to be in danger. Molly and Entei don’t seem to notice anything, but Molly seems to like the idea of owning her own Pokémon just like Ash.

Our heroes enter the next portion of the mansion, coming across a little pavilion.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Crystal Shrine

I have to admit, the art direction of this movie is spectacular. It manages to portray this surreal environment pretty well.

Ash receives a call through the PokéGear with Professor Oak scolding him for his foolishness (don’t we all like to do that?) and telling him more about the enemy he’s about to face.

Professor Oak: Unown have the ability to read the thoughts of other lifeforms.
Ash: Even people?
Professor Oak: Yes. And not only that, we believe the Unown can create new realities, altering the world using thoughts and dreams. The Unown may be tapping into the imagination of Professor Hale’s daughter. That crystal fortress could be one of Molly’s wishes made real by the Unown!

This doesn’t scare Ash one bit as he sends out his Cyndaquil to attack the mansion. This ends up creating a hole in the mansion, but they find out that the crystal regenerates itself.

So using two fire Pokémon and two water Pokémon together, they burn a hole into a mansion and spray water into the hole to prevent the crystal from regenerating. They use this opportunity to get inside before the wall has time to regenerate.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Water Gun

…Wait, what?

Actually, this sort of makes sense. Let me explain. Earlier in the movie, Misty notes that the water around the mansion hasn’t crystallized which could imply that the water isn’t affected by the Unown. We have no idea why. I guess imagination and water don’t mix.

So the kids use that to their advantage to prevent the crystal from materializing onto the water.

…Oh my god! This seemingly ridiculous scene, in a Pokémon movie of all things, logically makes sense! And it explains itself in a subtle way!

Is this still a 4Kids dub? Holy crap, it is!

So our heroes enter the main portion of the mansion and all they have to do is climb up.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Crystal Stairs
Running up crystal steps… Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, anyone?

And they end up at…

Pokemon 3 The Movie Flower Field with Crystal Stairs
Okay, movie, you’re going to make me orgasm over the scenery porn!

Team Rocket manages to locate the main atrium of the mansion where the Unown are and attempt to sneak by.

Molly wishes to confront her visitors in a real Pokémon match as she falls asleep next to Delia. Entei encourages her that she can be a great Pokémon trainer and vanishes through the floor like a ghost.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Phantom Entei

Entei dives into the depths of the mansion as Molly materializes onto his back. He causes her to age into a teenager to make her seem more fit as a trainer.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Teenage Molly Hale

Pokemon 3 The Movie Teenage Molly Hale and Entei

So our heroes confront Molly and Entei. Ash demands to see his mother but Molly and Entei deny that she is around. Brock figures out that this older girl is none other than Molly, remembering Professor Oak’s advice about the Unown.

Molly demands a battle and Brock decides to be her opponent, telling Ash and Misty that Delia may be waiting at the top of the mansion.

But instead of stopping them, Molly just lets them pass and focuses on her very first Pokémon match. Entei summons a battleground to make the place more suitable.

So in a pretty cool battle, Molly sends out her new illusion Pokémon (Flaaffy, Teddiursa, and Phanpy) to wipe the floor with Brock’s. She is pretty much living the self-insert fan fiction author’s dream!

And just like with the earlier battle in the movie, the animators don’t resort to using speed stripes.

Come to think of it, the previous movies don’t do this either but most of the fighting in those movies aren’t conventional battles. In fact, I only remember Ash’s match against that pirate thug guy in the first one to be normal.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Crystal Stairs
Stop it, movie! You’re too pretty for me to criticize!

Team Rocket also climbs up the staircase as Entei seems to realize that the other visitors have vanished.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale and Delia Ketchum
By the way, Molly is back at her original age waking up next to Delia.

And you might be wondering how she reverted back to her age and got to this location so quickly. Well, simple.

The older Molly is just a crystallized proxy created by Entei and little Molly is just living a dream through that proxy.

Again, this movie explains itself! As far as I’m concerned, there are no major plot holes to note here and we’re about halfway in!

Molly and Delia have a depressing little conversation.

Molly: Mama, I’m really glad you’re here.
Delia: You’re by yourself a lot, aren’t you, Molly?
Molly: Yeah.
Delia: Have you been lonely?
Maybe a little. But I don’t feel that way anymore. I have a mama and a papa now.

Molly falls back asleep and Delia looks at the book of Unown, starting at a picture of a green field.




Stuff Goes Down

Ash and Misty end up another scenery porn location.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Beach
Hnnnnggh! Aw! Look what you did, movie!

The proxy Molly and Entei appear before them, with Brock nowhere to be seen. Huh… well, hopefully he’s okay.

Molly seeks another challenge which Misty accepts, proclaiming her title as a Gym Leader. This surprises Molly, who originally believes that a Pokémon trainer has to an adult, so Entei turns her into a preteen.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Preteen Molly Hale
And she resembles May with a bow.

So the two girls decide to do a water Pokémon only battle. Ash runs up the crystal steps of the world while everyone ends up getting submerged underwater. However, it turns out that they can breathe in this world.

And again, we get another Pokémon match… in glorious underwater.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Kingdra and Goldeen Pokemon 3 The Movie Mantine and Staryu
And it is fucking great.

Team Rocket swims by, breaking the fourth wall until it ceases to exist.

James: How can we breathe underwater?
Jessie: Go with the flow. Sometimes, it’s better not to ask questions.
Meowth: Hey, Jessie, I got a question that’s better I shouldn’t ask! Do you think we’re gonna get a bigger part in the next movie?

The battle continues with Molly showing her appreciation for Entei, though unfortunately we never get to see how the battle ends. Oh well.

Ash finally reaches the top and reunites with his mother.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Ash Ketchum, Molly Hale and Delia Ketchum

The two are ready to leave the mansion. Delia, not wanting to abandon Molly, wakes up the child from her dream and has to break the hard truth to her.

Delia: I’m very sorry, Molly, but I’m not your real mama. You have to know the truth sooner or later. I’m really Ash’s mother.

And it goes about as well as you think it would. Delia tries to bring Molly with her, but this provokes the little girl’s wrath.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale Crying
And almost impaling them with crystal spikes!

Molly shuts herself away but watches as Ash and Delia try to escape. Entei appears before her and he intervenes by separating Ash from his mother.

Entei demands that Ash leaves, but Ash responds with his own hostility.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Totodile and Entei
*sighs* Really, Ash? Can’t you find a better choice to send out?

And sure enough, Entei owns Totodile. Ash attempts to use Cyndaquil, thinking he can beat fire with fire. Oh, Ash, do you not realize you’re up Shit Creek without a paddle?

Ash: You’re strong.
Entei: Now have I proven I’m real?

Molly still refuses to let Ash win, so this ends up provoking Entei’s wrath. Pikachu attempts to stop him.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei Shocked
Holy crap, Pikachu’s god bolts don’t work here either!

…Geez, Pikachu, you’re seriously not at your A-game today.

But Pikachu does put up a good fight with Entei while Delia attempts to make Molly see the truth and think about her real parents. Ash shields Pikachu from one of Entei’s attacks, but this sends him flying hundreds of feet outside of the mansion.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Ash Ketchum and Pikachu
Well, you’re dead, kid.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Charizard saving Ash Ketchum
Oh, no, you didn’t!

Yeah, I think you all saw this part coming.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Charizard, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu

…Yeah, last-second deus ex machina and somehow Charizard knows where exactly Greenfield is, but whatever. IT’S FUCKING CHARIZARD!

Delia is relieved to see her kid still alive and kicking. She attempts to reach out to Molly once more, but the little girl still refuses to listen to reason.

Entei: What is this?
Ash: My friend, Charizard.
Entei: Your friend?
Ash: All of my Pokémon are all my friends. We all work together as a family!
Molly: A family…?
Entei: Then I will defeat your family too!

Charizard attempts to lunge at Entei—apparently as foolhardy as ever—which almost makes Ash tip over to his death AGAIN. But then…

Pokemon 3 The Movie Ash Ketchum saved

Well, at least we know Brock and Misty are fine. Arceus knows how a traumatized, psychotic little girl with a wish fulfillment streak is possibly the most dangerous force in the world… Just like how fan fiction authors are the most dangerous thing to the English language and literature.


Apparently, Team Rocket is helping Ash out in this movie because “they’d be out of show business” if he died. That is their main purpose in this movie aside from destroying the fourth wall like there is no tomorrow.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Crystal Pokemon
Also… *shudders*

So Entei opens fire and it becomes a one-on-one fight against Charizard.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Charizard vs Entei

But despite their best efforts, Entei seems to be an unstoppable force who can take any damage, dodge most attacks, and even summon his own crystal spikes as platforms. All we have to do here is sit tight and watch the fireworks…

Seriously, this battle is just plain awesome. Great animation, high tension, and just fun to watch.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei roar


And poor Charizard ends up getting kicked to the curb despite this is his first time back with Ash for a while.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei defeats Charizard
It’s gonna be a LOOONG time before he catches a break…

Entei is ready to deliver the killing blow, but Molly finally orders him to stop. Unable to handle more of the violence, Molly breaks down and Entei spares Charizard’s life.

Everyone takes a moment to raise Molly’s self-esteem and finally pull her out of her shell. Molly hesitates at first, but she finally accepts her losses and wants to return back to reality.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale and Delia Ketchum holding hands

The day seems to be won as the crystal slowly vanishes from the mansion. Entei turns away and is ready to leave.

Molly: Papa?
Entei: I was created to be the father who could make you happy here. If you would be happier outside, in the real world, then I must go.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei
Dude, that is just depressing…

But suddenly, the insanity comes back and crystal outgrowths sprout from the mansion like crazy. During the confusion, Entei clears a safe passage for everyone but ends up getting trapped in the top floor.

Ash and company run deep inside the mansion as Ash attempts to contact Professor Oak via PokéGear.

Ash: Professor! Something is happening!
Professor Oak: It’s the Unown! They generated so much psychic energy that they’re unable to control it any longer!

Awwwww, come on. Really? Do we really need a stupid explanation like that just as things were about to calm down? If they “generated so much psychic energy,” wouldn’t they have gone out of control during the Charizard-Entei battle?

…And how does Professor Oak even know the situation? There is no indication that he has any surveillance over the events whatsoever.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Crystal Stairs

So our heroes descend down Castle Oblivion while all of Greenfield is getting trapped in crystal. Everyone finds the Unown in the atrium and they have to stop them. Guess what Ash’s first reaction is?

Pokemon 3 The Movie Ash Ketchum tackles force field

Seriously, what is with this kid’s obsession to tackling all magical barriers he sees?!

So realizing it’s a stupid idea, Ash sends out Charizard and Pikachu to bring down the barrier, but with very little progress.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Pikachu and Charizard attack force field

All hope seems to be lost, but then…

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei roar

Entei: Molly… I was… happy… and proud to be your father. The last thing I can do for you is to take you out of this place.
Molly: But how?
Entei: I was born from your dreams. If you believe in me, there is nothing I cannot do!

Entei tries to break into the barrier, but to no avail. He tries to push himself in and calls out to Molly to believe in him. Molly cheers for him and Pikachu and Charizard continue to attack the barrier. Entei manages to slip inside the barrier just enough to deliver one final blast against the Unown.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Unown defeated

This causes all of the Unown to depart to their dimension, and Entei as well…

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei death

Entei: Molly… I must go now, Molly…
Molly: Entei, I’m gonna miss you!
Entei: And I will miss you. Just keep me close in your dreams.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei death


…Oh, okay. That was… a damn good way to end a movie.

So the “spell of the Unown” has been broken and Greenfield is restored to its beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL self once more. Did I mention it’s beautiful?

Pokemon 3 The Movie Spencer Hale
Believe it or not, 4Kids actually moved this scene from the credits in order to make Professor Hale’s fate conclusive.

4Kids… making a smart decision? This movie, man… it’s so surreal, and yet so good.

Pokemon 3 The Movie ending

Ahem! So our heroes close off the movie as Molly notices something strange in the sky.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Entei clouds

Molly thanks Entei from the bottom of her heart and everyone begins to socialize.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Team Rocket

And Team Rocket once again does the end-of-movie speech, or rather making one more fourth wall joke for the hell of it. Sure, why not.

In the ending credits, we see Professor Hale and his daughter getting reunited. Charizard leaves Ash again, presumably going back to Charicific Valley, and the gang says farewell to Lisa.

Jackie Chan Adventures Uncle

Molly gets an even happier ending, now reunited with her mother as well.

Pokemon 3 The Movie Molly Hale with parents

The end.

Now, I will take my leave…




Ugh. Okay, fine. This movie is actually good.


Closing Thoughts

I’m serious. As long as it took for this review to come out, I have a hard time finding any glaring flaws like I did with the previous two movies. In other words, it’s just that good. It did everything that a kid’s movie should do: take a risk, showcase great animation, make a compelling story, instill good morals, and give a great, conclusive ending.

And to those snobby critics from sites like Rotten Tomatoes who have been posting bile about this movie for years… stop watching this stuff if you’re not even going to give a fair analysis and not write anywhere past two pages for a review. And stop bringing in stupid arguments.






…I over-exaggerated a bit, but this is the basic gist of what I got out of reading those reviews. Are you people so fucking dense and close-minded that you went to see this movie back in the day and wouldn’t even spend a goddamn five minutes writing up your reviews? Hollywood.com, Washington Post, New York Post, Los Angeles Times… and so many more. And you called yourselves “professionals.” More like a different breed of children in adult bodies.

I’m going to throw this out there: get a different job because clearly you are not willing to put in any thought and effort into your reviews.


Despite that we know very little about the Unown, including the motive behind fulfilling Molly’s wishes, this is one instance where I don’t think the movie needs to explain that. The movie portrayed the Unown as these creepy, otherworldly figures with strange powers. This adds a taste of the surreal and the supernatural, which surprisingly works for Pokémon.

In fact, this is pretty much what I would like to see more of from the Pokémon anime. The majority of Pokémon movies often lean upon a generic plot about a legendary Pokémon wreaking havoc or being used as a tool to wreak havoc. The Pokémon themselves were so flat and uninteresting that it ended up making the movies dull as well.

But this one takes a risk and attempts to put in a dark, relatable situation. It even has a legendary Pokémon character that I can safely say I care about.

So any Pokémon fans out there who haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend this one. You will not be disappointed.

Pokémon 3 The Movie











  • A strong plot with a good conflict moving it forward, from beginning to end.
  • The antagonists of the movie, who are not the traditional bad guys but rather a victim of circumstance and her loneliness made into reality.
  • A great art design combined with great animation that shows off what the Pokémon anime is truly capable of.
  • Great fight scenes including a climactic showdown that delivers.


  • Aside from the minor problems (and the easily predictable deus ex machinas), nothing noteworthy as far as I'm concerned.
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Pokémon 3 The Movie
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