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I am Orion, the owner of Breaking Canon and a gamer based around Texas in the United States. This review blog is currently my creative outlet. I love discussing fictional media on my free time.


Q. What do you review?

Any video game or animation I just so happen to get my hands on. And yes, that includes Japanese anime. I’m especially fond of discovering rare, obscure or underrated media. I may extend to other media such as novels in the future. I’m also not terribly picky about genre.


Q. How far into a game do you play until you post a review?

Usually, until I finish the main story (or close to the end). Some reviewers nowadays either only play a couple of hours to meet a deadline or half-ass their playthroughs and blame the game for their problems. I generally try not to make those same mistakes.


Q. Will you review live action movies/series?

I don’t plan to anytime soon. I think I already have more than enough material to work with as it is. But if there are movies related to animation or games, I might make an exception.


Q. How often do you update?

Whenever I get the time. I make no promises that I’ll update frequently.


Q. What are your favorite genres?

For series and movies, my top three are fantasy, horror and action/thriller. For games, survival horror, RPGs and action-adventure.


Q. What is your critiquing style?

Casual, with plenty of swearing and bad jokes. I’m not here to make it big in journalism. I write because I like doing it. Call me weird if you like.

For series, I may either do a general overview or go over each episode in detail.


Q. Why are your review scores inconsistent?

I think we already learned this from sites like IGN and Metacritic. Scores are superficial, though I need to include them anyway for better SEO. You have to read the review to see if something still matches up to your preferences, flaws and all.

What matters to me is that you find good video games and animations that match up to your preferences. That is part of why I run this blog. I want to share stuff that I think is good.

I’ll try my best to be consistent, but just remember I’m a fan of quality over quantity. Just because I give a game a 5 or 6 doesn’t mean it’s objectively bad. You might enjoy it more than me.


Q. Why doesn’t my comment post publicly?

I had a major spam problem before (blog advertisements, gross content, etc.), so I set all comments to be manually moderated. When commenting, please actually contribute to the discussion.


Q. How can I reach you?

If the comments section is no good, you can reach me by email (orion@breakingcanon.com).


Q. How do I get updated on new reviews?

I have a Facebook page and Twitter account. I also post in /r/AnimeReviews and /r/gamereviews/.


Q. Are you paid to review stuff?

Nope. Not only do I write stuff on my own time, no one pays me to write these reviews. I’m a real gamer and a casual anime fan, not a marketer in a gamer’s skin. I don’t write reviews just to give a developer or studio a good name. I write reviews so I can recommend stuff I like and tell people to stay away from certain media—I’m looking at you, Sword Art Online.

But just so you know, I do post links for Amazon, eBay, Humble Store, Steam and ad.fly. And let me tell you. I’m so rich. I’m still $50,000+ away from being able to afford a new Corvette. Maybe in 500 years, I’ll reach my goal.


Q. I like your rantings! How can I support you?

If there is a certain product you’re interested in, please purchase through my Amazon, eBay, Humble Store or ad.fly links. You can also leave a tip for me through Ko-fi or Paypal.


Q. How do I get past ad.fly links?

Make sure you have a good ad-blocker. I recommend uBlock Origin. A timer should pop up when the page finishes loading. Wait for the timer to end and a “Skip Ad” button will appear.

It’s possible that the page itself might be a bit different than what it appeared to be before, but the process is usually about the same.


Q. Why are some random words/phrases linked?

In case you’re wondering about certain trivia. I like trivia.


Q. What do you consider a ‘plot hole?’

I used this list of definitions as a guideline. I especially like the “induced stupidity” explanations.


Q. Do you take requests?

It depends. If it’s a video game, it depends on whether I have the appropriate game console and decide to shell out some money or not. As for series and movies, it depends if I can stream it. I’m not exactly made of money.


Q. Why are you giving lower ratings about my favorite anime/game? You’re a biased douche!

Because I’m not one of those people who gives every little thing—on a scale of 1 to 10—a 9 or higher. I’m also not you. I have my own opinions and I expect you to respect them since I’ll respect yours, even if I heavily disagree.

I clearly state my reasons. I’m not asking you to accept them, but be an adult about opinions. If you can’t do that, I won’t hesitate to ignore you. I have no patience for idiocy.

Also, just because I’m criticizing a piece of media doesn’t mean I’m attacking you as a person. If you only identify yourself with a piece of media you liked, I’m sorry but you need to rethink your lifestyle. Being an obsessive fan is unhealthy. You need to branch out and explore other avenues to enjoy.

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