Double Dragon: The Animated Series

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DirectorChuck Patton
Original run1993 – 1994
Number of episodes26

So, who here remembers Double Dragon? You know, those arcade beat ’em up games that got adapted to a competent series of Nintendo video games?

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That’s right, the same Double Dragon where you’re some guy named Billy and you have to go beat up a bunch of thugs to rescue your girlfriend. It’s a classic series that helped define the beat ’em up genre, up there with the likes of Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Golden Axe. You might even consider it to be a lost genre since these types of games are atypical in today’s gaming market.

But did you know there was a cartoon produced by DiC under the direction of comic book artist Chuck Patton? Yep. And it’s a pretty weird creation.

Yeah, if you think this cartoon is simply going to be about a guy beating up thugs on the streets, then clearly you’re out of your mind. Try superheroes armed with magic-shooting swords beating up superpowered thugs on the streets.

Because that’s what Double Dragon should have been… right…?


Ren and Stimpy nervous Ren
I think all of us know the answer to that.

And of course, it had to be animated by DiC, which was basically the Hanna-Barbera of the ’80s and ’90s; mass-producing cheap cartoons and hoping that some make a profit. This show is no exception. It’s meant to profit off of a video game series that had already gone past its prime at this point, by selling toys.

And it failed. Only a few action figures based on the TV show were ever sold and there was also a video game tie-in called Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls, which is basically a mediocre Street Fighter II clone. Because of this, the show got cancelled even though it was considered for a third season.

Let me go over this again. We have an American cartoon series based on a Japanese video game series that pretty much got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles treatment, meaning we have a really different product. And fans of the games were pissed.

So let’s see if this idea works or bombs completely (though I think you know where this is going). This is DiC’s interpretation of Double Dragon.

More episode reviews will come, in due time…

Double Dragon: The Animated Series

Double Dragon: The Animated Series








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