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Closure is a superb puzzle platformer that shines in its light-based physics gameplay, striking visuals and an intense soundtrack.

Console PC/Mac/Linux, PlayStation 3
Developer Eyebrow Interactive
Publisher Eyebrow Interactive
Genre Puzzle platformer
Release Year 2012
Purchase (Steam) Purchase from Humble Store.
Purchase (Soundtrack) Purchase from Closure website.

Closure is definitely one of the most interesting games I touched upon for this month. Originally, it started off as a Flash game for Newgrounds but a full version of the game later came out. The game was directed by Tyler Glaiel, one of the people behind the popular Flash game Aether—which is featured in The Basement Collection. With art design from Jon Schubbe and compositions from Christopher Rhyne, we get a mystical game that follows the tale of four mysterious residents of a world of light and shadow.


Through the Enchanting World of Horrors

Closure gameplay

You start off the game as a strange spider-like creature with an orifice on where its face should be. To travel through a sketchy world full of night-themed environments and macabre visuals, you must literally shed light upon your paths.

This is the game mechanic that defines Closure: the objects and the environments only exist if you shed light upon them. But in the darkness, it will be as if they have never existed. All you get is a giant black void where you may fall through for eternity.

It’s a unique mechanic that contributes to the visual storytelling and makes up the core of the puzzles you’ll solve.

Through over 80 levels, you also play as…

Closure game miner

A miner.

Closure game girl in white dress

A young woman in a white dress.

Closure game girl with pigtails

And a young girl with pigtails.

Though none of these characters have unique abilities, they do have uniquely themed levels where they encounter different puzzles.

Closure gameplay

The objective of each level is to solve a puzzle and reach the door that will take you to the next level.  To keep the areas lit, you can carry a glowing orb with you or adjust the stationary lights already present on the level. There may also be places that light up when you pass by them. By using all of these light sources at your disposal and combine them with physics, you should be able to light a path to the door.

But because the gameplay is a bit open-ended and requires some trial and error, some of the puzzle solutions require you to think outside of the box, like causing a glowing orb to float underwater and destroying a light source to bring down an object from high above. It’s also very possible that you could lose necessary items, like keys and crates, into the darkness so you will have to restart the puzzle.

Closure gameplay

As mentioned, Closure has a large variety of unique light-based puzzles that really makes the game a lot more enjoyable. There are levels with light sources that turn off when you move near them, levels with stationary guns where you have to shoot targets or light sources to proceed, levels with walls that allow light to pass through them, levels where you have to light up multiple switches to open the door, etc. There is a lot going on. My screenshots and descriptions on the game don’t do it enough justice to explain what is really going on, which is why it’s much better to try it for yourself to see where I’m going with this.


Finding Closure

Closure gameplay

As you explore the dark levels, you may occasionally find these hidden glowing moths. One of the ways to indicate if there’s a hidden moth is to listen for a chiming sound; if it gets louder, that definitely means there is a hidden moth nearby. The only way to reach the end of Closure is to find every single moth and complete the last ten stages of the game, which appropriately contain the most difficult puzzles in the game.

To know which levels have a hidden moth you haven’t found yet, you need to go find a hidden moth cave as the spider creature. I won’t say where it is but I’m sure you can figure it out quickly.

Closure’s art design is beautiful and even serves to tell a hidden story for each of the characters, making the game’s title make much more sense as you see what is actually happening. And the soundtrack is intense and atmospheric. This game is just perfect to play during nighttime, with the lights out.



Closure gameplay

If you have a love for finely crafted indie games, then Closure certainly won’t disappoint. It’s a thoughtful and challenging puzzle game that doesn’t hold your hand and has no fundamental flaws weighing it down. While some puzzles can be frustrating, especially the last ten levels of the game, the difficulty is fair.










  • The light-based physics puzzles are very well thought out, having you come up with unique solutions to move to the next level. There is also a large variety of environmental mechanics.
  • The monochrome art design is detailed and even showcases some good horror/macabre imagery.
  • The soundtrack is truly dark and atmospheric, amplifying the dread present throughout the game.
  • The three elements stated above work together perfectly, telling short stories through the presentation without a single written or spoken word.


  • The difficulty at times can be frustrating, though it still remains fair challenge.
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